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Website Icon For WordPress & What You Need To Know

Your website icon is similar to the logo. In fact it may include the image part of your logo without the text. Follow along with the blog post below to learn more.
website icon

In the world of website design, it is often the small details that make the biggest impact. This is certainly true when it comes to the website icon.

How To Make A Website Icon

Before we go any further I want to cover a few things that you should know. In the earlier days of the internet, your “site icon” was referred to as the “favorite icon” or “favicon”. It use to be a super small image that was only 16 pixels squared. Now your site icon by default is a lot larger.

WordPress Site Icon Size: 512×512

When it was referred to as your “favicon” it mainly was used in your browser alone. With the advancement of technology, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., the site icon is much more now. The secondary reason why this is an important step is to give a brand to your followers who add your website on their “desktop” or bookmark it on their phone.  

It can look like an actual app … you should check it out! (If you click the share button in your browser, on your phone, you can click on “Add To Home Screen” and now you can access that site with a cool icon on your phone) 

Uploading Your Site Icon In WordPress

You need access to the “Customize” section of WordPress. You can do this from your dashboard by going to Appearance > Customize.

Once you are inside the Customize tool, click on Site Identity. At the bottom of this panel, you will see the upload section for the site icon.

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