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Pro Branding Club


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JOIN PRO TODAY: Let the Pro Branding Club help you navigate your branding & marketing like a pro. 

Build It Right With Built By Pro™

Pro Monthly Action Guide (ProMAG)

With the ProMonthly Action Guide, or ProMAG, you're getting a complete cheatsheet on what to do each month as you move forward building your brand.

Content Calendar Social Post Library

With these pre-made image posts for each day of the year, you can have daily content for your social media sites. All you have to do is write your description and add your watermark.

ChatGPT (A.I.) Pro Prompt Library

With these pre-written prompts you can take full advantage of ChatGPT & other A.I. chat bots. If the full library wasn't enough you will also get access to the Pro Prompt Writing Template.

Website Design Template Library

Building on our FREE website design template, the Pro website template library includes industry specific website templates, and more.

Social Media Quote Card Library

With thousands of pre-made social media quote cards, you can have daily content for your social media sites. All you have to do is write your description and add your watermark.

Pro Branding Club Bonus Library

With our exclusive MEMBERS ONLY training, and other bonuses, you will have access to the tools and secrets to Build It Right, With Built By Pro™

Pro Branding Club Is Branding! Marketing! Strategies! Templates! A Lot More!

Pro Branding Club Bonuses

Royalty-Free Stock Audio Library

Introducing our Stock Audio Library, your gateway to a treasure trove of ROYALTY-FREE STOCK AUDIO CLIPS. Crafted in-house and accessible solely to Pro Branding Club members, these high-quality clips are your secret weapon for enhancing videos, elevating podcasts, and boosting your marketing media. Immerse your audience in captivating soundscapes, with fresh additions every month—empowering you to infuse brilliance into your content effortlessly.

Pro Download Vault

Step into the Pro Download Vault, your exclusive treasure trove housing a wealth of bonus downloads reserved solely for Pro Branding Club members. Dive into a world of unparalleled resources, from versatile Photoshop Templates to delightful Printables, alongside a myriad of other invaluable goodies curated specifically for your brand's success. Unlock a realm of creativity and convenience, tailored to elevate your brand's uniqueness and impact.

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With our EXCLUSIVE DEAL, "HOSTYAK BUYERS CLUB", you get wholesale pricing for EVERYTHING that HostYak has to offer. This includes Domains, Hosting, Email Hosting, and more! Once you join Pro Branding Club, all you need to do is sign up for the HostYak Buyers Club inside of your PBC Dashboard.

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ask us

No. Pro Branding Club is one price. It will not change on you, there won’t be any additional charges to access any part of the PBC Members Dashboard. Personal member use is allowed for everything

Yes. We encourage busy entrepreneurs to use PBC to help educate their employees and help market your business. While we do encourage it, we also ask that you keep seats inside of the dashboard to one per individual. If you would like to purchase multiple memberships, please contact us for a group discount.

Yes, every item included inside of the Pro Branding Club was created to be used by it’s members. That includes the social media posts, quote cards, and everything else.

Our Agency package is made for you to have proper rights for your clients. As a Pro Branding Club member, you get access to the Agency Package for an additional $25 per month for the “Agency License”. Or, you can benefit from our Affiliate Program and generate some money for yourself in the process.

A Letter From The Pro Marketing Specialist

July 14, 2024

From the desk of C.J. Hallock

Kingsport, TN

You may have heard the phrase “Content Is King” before, but you are busy enough running your business, talking to clients/customers, and more that doesn’t even include family time. That is why we created Pro Branding Club. So you can build your empire without having to do all of the work or get tricked into a big ticket monthly marketing agreement with a big agency. 

The Pro Branding Club is the only content marketing club focused on helping small business owners and brands market themselves with quality content. 

Why is Pro Branding Club right for you?

Well let’s look at what you’re getting. 

Each month you will receive a new Monthly Action Guide(MAG). Inside of the Monthly Action Guides, you will receive a full daily task break down for posting content online. 

You also will have access to Social Media Post Kits for each month that includes image posts for holidays, this day in history, and more.

You’ve seen the motivational quote images all over social media. These are called Quote Cards. People eat that stuff up and you will have access to the full Quote Card Library with thousands of images with various designs that you can watermark with your logo/brand/website, and post as your own content. 

Having a website helps you look like a pro. That is why we also have the full Website Template Library. A full library of website page templates to help you build out your website to look like the professional brand that you are. 

If that wasn’t enough, you also get access to the Download Vault, a collection of templates, printables, and more. 

With AI technology taking over the internet since the launch of language models like ChatGPT, you also will gain access to the ChatGPT Prompt Library. This library has one click to copy button for each of the prompts so you can just click copy and paste into ChatGPT.

Do you have a podcast, or plan to create videos? Our stock audio library is a collection of exclusive stock audio tracks for you to use as background audio in your media. 

Need more help? Our Pro Help Desk is here to help you with your strategies, requests for more tools and products, and much more. 

Now, you’ve seen inside of the Pro Branding Club. You wouldn’t still be here if you didn’t see the value in it. 

You may be asking how many hundreds of dollars this is going to cost you. 

After all, you’re receiving access to hundreds of dollars worth of website template files, thousands of quote cards, the full ChatGPT prompt library, social media image posts, and so much more. 

So it makes sense to worry about the cost. But don’t.


When I started Pro Branding Club, I did so with the intent of helping small business owners & brands.

I’ve launch similar membership websites years ago and received a lot of positive feedback. 

Over the years, I have pieced together hundreds of dollars worth of additional bonuses and after a while, I decided to combine everything and rebrand them as the “PRO BRANDING CLUB”.

Like I said, I started this to help small business owners and brands. Which is why, even after adding all the features and bonuses, I’m keeping the price as low as possible without costing myself a lot of money. 

CJ Hallock

So as you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you should see that the monthly membership is ONLY $50 per month. 

There are two other options. 

Annual memberships to Pro Branding Club includes a great discount. In fact, you get over two months FREE! If you would like to sign up for a year, you can select the annual membership and save over $100!

The last option is our lifetime membership. At the cost of only $750, you get lifetime access to the Pro Branding Club for the cost of one and a half years. Sign up for the lifetime membership and save hundreds.

Chose your desired membership, and sign up for the Pro Branding Club today. 

I’ll see you inside!

Your Friend,

C.J. Hallock



Join Pro Branding Club Today! Our membership unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive resources. Gain access to our Pro Monthly Action Guide, Social Media Post Kits, inspiring Quote Card Library, an extensive Website Template Library, a rich array of content within the ChatGPT Prompt Library, and an abundance of other invaluable tools—all designed to elevate your brand’s impact and success.

Introductory Offer 30% Off ALL Subscriptions For A Limited Time


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  • Pro Monthly Action Guide
  • Monthly Social Media Post Kits
  • Thousands of Quote Cards
  • New Bonuses Monthly

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  • Full Access To PBC Dashboard
  • One Year Subscription
  • $$ Save $100/year $$
  • Exclusive Bonuses


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  • Everying PBC Has to offer
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  • Custom Quote Cards

Build It Right With Built By Pro™!