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The Free Website Template Built By Pro™

While we do have an estimated launch date to release the ULTIMATE FREE WEBSITE TEMPLATE, we are very close to launching everything so it may be sooner rather than later. So, sign up below and get notified the second it launches!

Estimated Launch: March 1, 2024


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Disclaimer: This FREE website template IS NOT everything you need for a website. You will need a domain *with privacy & protection* ($25/year), Email (if you want ($6/month), and Hosting (The recommended hosting is $28/month)[I have a coupon code to save you some money here too]. The last thing you will need is your own license for the page builder which is $99/year. 

Elevate Your Online Presence: Unleash the Power of Our Free Website Template Kit!

Free Website Template

This website template is a 🚀 one-click install EXCLUSIVE template that is only available from BuiltByPro. 🛠️ Get started with the needed plugins, theme settings, design, and more – all done for you before you even start! 🌟

Pro Webdesign

This 📘 eBook comes for FREE with the website template kit. It guides you through everything you need – from registering your domain, setting up hosting, and using the page builder required for the pro template features 🌐🏡.

Pro Webdesign
Crash Course

Inside the 🎥 video training, you will witness the entire process – from registering a .com domain to crafting a professional WordPress website with the free website template kit. Feel free to pause when you need to and watch at your own speed ⏸️🚀.

Unlock Your Online Potential with the Pro Free Website Template Kit

Are you ready to elevate your online presence? Discover the power of a professionally designed website without the hassle. Say goodbye to hours of coding, installing plugins, fixing settings, and design work – say hello to our Free Website Template Kit!

Easy Website Template Install Method

One of the easiest website template installation methods available!

Free Plugin Sets YOU FREE!

After installing the FREE Plugin, upload the template and within minutes your 10+ page profession website template is installed and ready for you to make your own! It's that easy!

ElementorPro Page Templates BuiltByPro

Built for one of the most popular page builders available for WordPress.

Design With ElementorPro!

With the power and premium elements available with ElementorPro, our Pro Free Website Template helpst you build a professional website with the easiest page builder available on the market.

Mobile Friendly Designs For Every Page

A website can't be professional if it is not designed to be responsive.

Responsive Website Template

Our FREE website template is designed to be responsive and built with the tools that you can create your own website pages and make them mobile friendly with no experience necessary.

On-Page SEO Included with the Template

The template is built with one of the highest recommended SEO plugins.

Professional SEO Plugin

With years of experience, the professionals at RankMath have created an amazing SEO Plugin that is FREE & comes installed in your free website template.

The Benefits Keep Coming - Why Sign Up?

We understand you might be curious, asking, “What’s the catch?” No need to worry – when you sign up for our free website template, you’re not just signing up; you’re opening the door to a range of fantastic advantages. We believe in being clear and honest, and we want you to enjoy all the benefits our template has to offer.

From time-saving features and a professionally designed layout to special access to resources like our free eBook and video training series, signing up is more than just a step – it’s an opportunity to transform your online presence. Feel confident in your decision, knowing that it brings you a bundle of privileges meant to make your website-building experience smooth, enjoyable, and highly rewarding.

Exclusive Access to New Features

As an esteemed member, you hold the privilege of being at the forefront of innovation. Be the pioneer in experiencing the latest features and enhancements that continually elevate our Free Website Template. By staying engaged, you position yourself ahead of the competition, equipped with cutting-edge tools right at your fingertips.

We believe in keeping you ahead in the digital landscape, ensuring that your website not only meets but exceeds contemporary standards. Embrace the advantage of being a valued member, always enjoying the latest advancements as we strive to provide you with a state-of-the-art website-building experience. Your commitment to excellence is matched by our commitment to continuous improvement, and together, we pave the way for a future of limitless possibilities in your online journey.


ask us

No. The template itself is 100% FREE. But, there are some other costs associated with building a website that you will need to pay. You will need a domain *with privacy & protection* ($25/year), Email (if you want ($6/month), and Hosting (The recommended hosting is $28/month)[I have a coupon code to save you some money here too]. The last thing you will need is your own license for the page builder which is $99/year. 

There are some additional costs to building a website as mentioned in the hidden fees question above. The first and most important thing you would need is your domain with security, which costs approximately $25 per year.

The recommended hosting is $28 per month, and the software license for the page builder is $99 per year for a single site.

That makes the initial investment to get started under $150. This includes the domain with privacy, and the page builder. (Sales & Specials are NOT INCLUDED) 

Your monthly cost is only going to be your website hosting at $28 per month. You do have a FREE 3-Day trial with the hosting and not required to pay for hosting upfront.

Then annually you will be billed for the page builder and your domain at about $125 per year.

Since the free website template, at it’s core, is a pre-built website, with just basic customization you can finish your website in about an hour or two.  If you are wanting to completely customize all of the pages and make them unique to you and your brand, a few extra hours would make your website “POP”!

Absolutely! The template is built with a drag-and-drop page builder. So not only can you create new pages, you also can save current pages as templates to help create new pages for your website.

Absolutely! At BuiltByPro™ our main focus is content marketing. So not only will you be able to blog from the website, but you are also going to get the Ultimate Blog Post Writing Prompt for ChatGPT to help get you started.

View our Content Calendar to help with ideas for posting daily.

We ask that if you do use our free website template for clients, please leave the template branding in the footer. If you are planning on using any of our content for clients and want to “white-label” them, we ask that you join Pro Branding Club and take advantage of the Affiliate Center, the Pro Agency Center and take advantage of the resources and opportunities available there. 

***DISCLAIMER***  The Free Website Template includes template content for a basic “Privacy Policy” page. We are not attorneys and do not know the specifics of what you are doing with your email lists or client/customer information so please seek legal counsel for any legal pages you may need. 

Watch Me Build A Website With The Free Website Template

The video below is a timelapse of the setup & installation process. The video starts with a fresh installation of WordPress and with the Free Website Template Kit, you will see me BUILD A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE!

Free Website Template Bonuses

free website template bonus branded username hyperguide

Bonus #1: Branded Username HyperGuide

Make the most of the resources and training available in the HyperGuide to ensure a professional start for your business with a Branded Username. A Branded Username ensures consistency across all platforms, including social media, your domain, email, and more.

Avoid having different usernames like @myfbusername on Facebook and @myigusername on Instagram for your brand. Utilize this training to establish a cohesive and consistent online presence for your business.

free website template bonus chatgpt for design

Bonus #2: Pro ChatGPT Prompt Kit

Utilize the complimentary prompts provided in the HyperGuide to enhance your website content. This covers crafting titles, descriptions, on-page written content, and more!

Moreover, you’ll receive a prompt template document containing all necessary prompts for the entire website creation process. Simply fill it out as you progress, and witness a significant reduction in the time spent building your website.

free website template bonus client compass hyperguide

Bonus #3: Client Compass Hyperguide

Presenting the Client Compass HyperGuide, a concise walkthrough to help you grasp your target market. This 18-page report starts with the fundamentals of identifying your target market and delves into understanding your client’s satisfaction factors. Follow along their journey and address the four Pillar questions commonly misunderstood in marketing. Gain valuable insights to strengthen your connection with your target audience.

Bonus #4: Mega Pro Quote Card Collection

Introducing a comprehensive quote card collection featuring over 280 unique cards, each paired with captivating images. This curated assortment is neatly organized into a single folder, providing almost a complete“ year’s worth of daily inspirational content you can watermark and post on your social media profiles. 

Why Our Clients Call It The Best Free Website Template

A Letter from the Creator of the Free Website Template

June 11, 2024

From the desk of C.J. Hallock

Jonesborough, TN

Did you know that creating a professional website for your brand doesn’t require hiring a designer? Hello, I’m CJ Hallock, the founder of BuiltByPro, with over two decades of experience in website design, marketing, and branding.

I’ve assisted numerous entrepreneurs, small business owners, and brands in creating professional and high-performing websites all across the globe. Today, I’m excited to share three secrets that will transform your approach to branding, website design, and marketing.

Secret #1: Embrace a Branded Username (BU)

Your BU is your digital brand identity, separate from your business name. Think of Coca-Cola; their BU is CocaCola. Having a distinct BU across social media, domains, and email is crucial for consistency and recognition.

Secret #2: Utilize the Right Tools

Selecting the right tools can save time and money during website creation. Optimal hosting, security, and user-friendly page builders can significantly enhance your website’s speed and design. Don’t underestimate the impact of the right tools in streamlining the process.

Secret #3: Strategic Shortcuts for Efficiency

While not every shortcut is advisable, proven shortcuts can simplify processes and save a lot of time. For example, to streamline the website building process, we offer a free website template kit with over 10 pre-designed pages. While the content and images are initially placeholders, they can be easily updated to create a more unique website. 

While a version of this template has been available to a small market through a client portal in the past, the core template has never been offered to the public. 

The only way the core template got used was if myself or someone on our team built the website. But after customizing it for the other client portal, I decided to tweak the core template and build it right for anyone to use. 

So I have been digging into the depths of the internet to piece together the best free website template that is available on the internet. I have been using a version of this template for almost 15 years and as I continued to make adjustments for the current trends online, it changed to completely different versions. 

The latest version is built with the premium page builder plugin, Elementor. With everything you need to get started done for you, all you need is your domain, hosting, and your own copy of Elementor. Then within an afternoon, you can have a professional website!

It may sound too good to be true, because I don’t really believe I’m doing this either. Especially considering that when I had a version of the template available to the public, it sold regularly for $195!

But I assure you, this is true!

You can get access to the Free Website Template & the entire Website Template Kit Today!

But there are additional costs to having a website in full transparency. For everything to work properly with the website template kit, there are three different things you need as mentioned earlier.

Everything starts with your domain. At the time of writing this, HostYak’s domains (.com) currently cost about $25-30 per year with registration fees, security, and taxes.

After you have the domain, you need website hosting. This is where the pricing can vary, depending on the hosting company that you chose. The recommended hosting for the free website template, Cloudways, will cost about $28/month. You can use the website template on other hosting accounts, at the core, it is just a WordPress website, but some hosting companies do not allow the full template to be used and we have tested the process multiple times on multiple servers with Cloudways. Which is why we strongly recommend their hosting platform.

The last thing you need to take full advantage of the free website template is your own license of the ElementorPro WordPress Plugin. While you can do a lot with the “Essential” license, you only get 50 of the Pro Widgets. It also doesn’t allow for any custom pop-ups, shared notes, and does have some other restrictions. With the “Advanced” license, you get ALL 82 Pro Widgets, the Pop-Up Builder, ecommerce features, collaborative notes, and more. This will cost you $99/year.

Now, you know the costs associated with having a professional website, and at about $1.28 per day for the total overhead cost I’m sure you agree, that’s a bargain. Especially with the Free Website Template. So take advantage of the template today.

All you have to do is sign up below and you’re on your way!

Don’t forget to check out all of the bonuses that come with the Free Website Template Kit. There’s a lot in there!

Take the time to sign up now and I’ll see you inside.


What All Comes With The Template Kit?

After you sign up for your copy of the Free Website Template Kit, you will be taken to the “Template Kit Access Page”. This is where you will gain access to your free website template, other downloads, and bonus files.

Your Free Website Template Kit Will Include:

Free Website Template

The core website template file that you will upload into your WordPress Website.

Pro Webdesign

The eBook that walks you through what you need to know and more about webdesign.

Webdesign Video

An in depth video training walking you through building a professional website.

Disclaimers &
Use Agreement

These documents include the legal stuff associated with the template.

Brand Identity

This text document will help you organize your content to speed up the design process.

Mega Quote Card

The collection of over 280 quote cards that you can watermark as your own.

Pro ChatGPT Prompt Kit &

This kit & 24-page guide will walk you through using ChatGPT. (20+ Prompts Included)

Client Compass

This 18-page guide will help you understand your target market.

Branded Username

This 14-page guide will walk you through finding the best name for your brand.

The Ultimate Free Website Template

Get The Free Website Template Today!

The Free Website Template will work with redesigns of current websites. There will be an extra few steps but don’t worry, they will be covered in the video training and inside of the SuperGuide.