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After over twenty years of making websites and almost as long marketing online, our founder, C.J. Hallock decided to share his knowledge and build a complete resource for other entrepreneurs. 

When C.J. decided to start Pro, he was fielding 5-10 phone calls per week of people asking basic questions. After a few months of multiple people calling with the same questions, he decided to put it all into a website that can showcase all of the training websites, tools, and resources he uses.

Our Founder | C.J. Hallock

C.J. Hallock is an author, marketer and trainer who has been marketing online for more than eight years and is considered an expert at using social media along with web and mobile technologies to help businesses, organizations and individuals build relationships with their customers.

Prior to starting his marketing career, C.J. proudly served for the U.S. Navy with travels to Africa, Germany, Croatia, Qatar and many other locations. While on shore duty in Norfolk, VA CJ met Miguel Curl, who introduced him to the “Personal Development” and “Self-Help” mindset which changed his life forever.  In June of 2009 CJ partnered with Gary Anderson and created a blog dedicated to personal development to help people look at the positive things in life and “Stay Boosted”.

That blog grew into C.J.’s first book “Stay Boosted – A Handbook for Life

CJ started his “local marketing” journey because he got tired of seeing small companies get over charged for work. Not to mention what they paid for is never what they received. So he started to help the small businesses in his local area learn how to handle a lot of the minor things themselves, such as managing social media, adding blog posts and other minor necessities. 

“The best part about my business is when I see companies who are about to go out of business grow to being overwhelmed with business. All from the efforts of my company. That is the best feeling in the world!”

Pro provides a wide range of training, resources, and services including: Website Design, Website Hosting, Social Media Consulting, and much more.


“When it comes to starting a business, the best piece of advice I have for anyone would be to stay humble, never quit and use all the free resources you can get your hands on! With free platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more, you can get the word out about your business fairly fast. If you use it right and don’t spam! “